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Purchase Fleur's Lip Pencil here or in my Spatique.Fleur's Lipstick Pencil
The mouth is the very expression of charm and sensuality. For a radiant smile, lipstick is essential. By simply using lipstick you can enhance light or dark complexions or illuminate your eyes by contrast. Enriched with essential oil extract of Gardenia, Fleur's lipsticks soften and protect the lips.

Essential for defining the lips naturally or correcting contour for finer or fuller lips.

Available in 2 shades that adapt perfectly to all Fleur's lipstick shades.

lys brun

Lys Brun F107  Add to Cart

Lipliner - Bois de Rose
Bois de Rose F106  Add to Cart
The lip pencil is essential for correcting lip contour and perfecting the smile: use a fine line working from the middle to the corners. To soften the line, shade in the lips with the pencil before applying lipstick either on its own or with a brush.
For fuller lips, apply the pencil moving from the corners to the center. For finer lips, move from center to corners.

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