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Fleur's Eye Shadow
with lily extract

Their powder-silk texture provides unbelievable finesse with a long-lasting effect. Apply these matte or pearlescent shadows wet or dry to give your eyes more softness or more intensity. With a little water, they become eyeliners. Blend and combine to infinity the 10 shades available according to your mood and desires.

Eye Shadow - Silene Yellow Silene F88 Sale $13 Add to Cart
Eye Shadow - Lobivia Apricot Lobivia F92 Sale $13 Add to Cart
Eye Shadow - Acore Khaki Acore F87 Sale $13 Add to Cart
Eye Shadow - Carline Chocolate Brown Carline F89 Sale $13 Add to Cart
Eye Shadow - Corydale Mauve Corydale F93 Sale $13 Add to Cart
Eye Shadow - Violette Violet Violette F125 Sale $13 Add to Cart
Eye Shadow - Achillée Black Achillee F91 Sale $13 Add to Cart

Apply a light shade to unify the eyelid, moving from the lashes and blending up toward the temple. Then, define the natural contour of the lower lid with a darker shade blend to obtain a natural effect.

Clear shades give contour and light, dark shades give depth and enhance the expression.
Apply the darker shades with a damp brush for an eyeliner effect and the clear shades with a dry brush.

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