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Fleur's Orchydra Ethnic Elixir

No matter what its origin, the epidermis requires reinforced hydration. Apart from the obvious variations in skin tones, researchers have identified other differences linked to skin’s ethnic origins: surface moisturization of the epidermis, natural exfoliation, sensitivity, and sebum secretion.

By studying these specific factors, Fleur’s has developed a moisturizing serum for olive skin tones.

30 ml

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Which includes skin of Hispanic, North African origins, etc.
This skin is often mixed and needs to control its sebum secretion to restore a matte, glowing complexion.
Formulated specifically for olive skin tones, this elixir provides ideal moisturizing.
It also balances your epidermis, reducing shine and tightening pores. Your skin looks healthy and radiant.
Active Ingredients:
Blue Orchid: Moisturizing.
Grapefruit seed extract: regulates sebum secretion and prevents the formation of blackheads and small spots.
Active Ingredients:
Black Orchid: Moisturizing.
Papain: this natural enzyme derived from the papaya activates skin exfoliation and gently eliminates built-up impurities.

*Fleur's grows all rare orchids as to not deplete them from their natural environment.

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