Moujan 2000 Hair Removal System

Purchase Moujan 2000 Hair Removal System here or in my Spatique.The Moujan
2000 hair
removal system
is a simple, effective and natural solution
for removing unwanted hair from anywhere on the body.
From the time of Cleopatra, beautiful women have been
passionately committed to waxing as the most effective, safe,
long lasting, and affordable way to remove unwanted body hair.
Since then, research and science have drastically improved natural ingredients to be more appealing to today's woman.
Moujan combined a classic beauty ritual with scientific knowledge and pure botanical ingredients, resulting in a waxing system that not only removes hair but is also good for skin.
Cold and Hot Wax Kit
Pre-Waxed Strips - Face
Pre-Waxed Strips - Body
Wax Applicators
Muslin Epilating Strips
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